The Big Idea: Coaching is helping others clarify their current states, elicit their own resources (internal & external) to get the outcomes they desire.

The GROW Coaching Model

1. Help a coachee set a GOAL (G) (one goal at a time) in the SMART way;

2. Probe his/her REALITIES (R) (i.e. what stands in their way of achieving the goal);

3. Elicit & clarify their available OPTIONS (O) (to overcome the realities); &

4. Guide them in setting ACTION (A) plans & hold them accountable to a timeline.

5. Celebrate the results!


1. As far as possible, I do not offer my ideas & prefer my coachee to carve their own Goal, express their own Realities, create their own Options, & set their own Action plans;

2. I do not judge my coachee & seek first to understand their perspectives & realities (only they know very well whats going on);

3. I position myself as the coach who facilitates using the GROW way to help him/her reach their desired outcomes.

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