The Big Idea: I use it to set my goals, drive my performance, achieve results & recreate myself.

How I am doing it:

1. I compete with myself to improve my ‘craft’ ( ie mentoring, coaching & training) by reviewing last year’s results, SET HIGHER GOALS & UPDATE my profile. It is a form of commitment & accountability.

2. I DRIVE MY PERFORMANCE by executing all my action plans diligently (with significant milestones), reviewing my progress periodically, and re-align (if necessary) to my Goals.

3. I record each RESULT as ACHIEVEMENT in my profile (reviewing them provides me a sense of fulfillment & add fuel to achieve more). Motivation (drive) must come from WITHIN US (INSIDE OUT). Whatever that comes from the OUTSIDE IN are bonuses (without them, I’m still fine).

4. To RECREATE MYSELF, I enjoy attending soft skills (EI, NLP-refreshers etc)and technical skills (TNA & Presenting etc) programs to ensure I stay in the GROWTH ZONE, not the comfort zone. I update them into my profile.


1. Our Profile is a ‘LIVING’ document, its dynamic & should be respected by updating it.

2. Review them often, face the TRUTH, if we think work is ‘not exciting’, feel like it’s stuck, it’s time start treating it as a LIVING document!

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